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About M&N Media

We, Matthew and Natalie Simonson, are a husband and wife photography team based in Tulsa, Oklahoma! In 2017, we fell in love with each other while shooting photos together. Even after six years, a single glance at one of those photos instantly brings back all of the sounds of the rustling reeds, the after-rain smells, and the memories of our hearts skipping beats as the attraction we felt for each other blossomed under the sunset. Every love story has moments that you want to freeze, bottle up, and stay in forever. We love to capture those moments and give people the opportunity to carry them for the rest of their lives.

At our wedding, we came face-to-face with the difficult decision of paying too many thousands of dollars for a photographer or asking a friend to take photos instead of celebrating the big day with us.

Later, we would share this story, and we were surprised at how many people experienced the exact same problem. So we decided to build our own brand to provide a "middle ground" option for people who want high-quality, professional photos without breaking their bank! We get so much satisfaction from capturing love stories, and the chemistry we share with each other as we share creative ideas with couples helps them to relax in front of the camera even more.

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Natalie Simonson is an energetic photographer with an incredible creative eye and a joyful personality!


Being the visionary of the team, and having a formal education in sales and customer service, she has an uncanny knack for helping people to relax in front of the camera. She loves to show clients how beautiful they look when they are really enjoying themselves.


Photo: Matthew Simonson

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Matthew Simonson holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the media school at Oral Roberts University. He is the more technical half of the team, with a meticulous approach to lighting, lens choices, and a post-production.


In Matthew's spare time, he enjoys working on musical arrangements with his brother, collaborating about new short film projects with his media colleagues, geeking out about Star Trek, or playing the cello.


Photo: Natalie Simonson

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